Get to Know About the League of Legends – The Top Played PC Game

Get to Know About the League of Legends – The Top Played PC Game

About League of Legends Game

League of Legends is an online battle PC game which was released in the year 2009. It was published by the Riot games for the Windows and Mac OS. Ever since 2009, it has gained huge popularity and reaches that has led to expanding its merchandise with apparels, accessories,and toys. The game has over 100 million active players each month. It is the most played PC game in Europe and North America.The game has a huge involvement in YouTube and The game has a champion with unique abilities who is assumed to be the player and he battles against another set of players or computer-controlled players/champions. The climax of the game is to destroy the nexus of the opposing team that is a unique structure which lies hidden under defensive structures. The players can create a free lol accounts online by registering with unique email id to play. With a free lol accounts, players can play the 30 level League of legends game and get into the ranked match. Free profiles are offered rare skins, champs,and RP. The amount of free lol accounts are limited and players have to wait for their chance since the profiles are limited.

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League of Legends is a 3D third player multiplayer online battle game with three game modes namely, Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treelineand Howling Abyss. The Crystal Scar mode has been removed a few years back. Players compete between 20 to 60 minutes in each match. The team works together to destroy the Nexus core building of the enemy team. The players gain the championship as they finish each level to a maximum of 18 levels. Reaching championships unlocks unique abilities and losing the health defeats them which get revived over time. Players can earn gold in each level in many ways. This gold is used to buy items to support them play the game. The players also gain rewards for their accounts. The maximum account level is 30. The accounts are given ratings based on the Elo rating system to show off the player’s skill level on each team.

LOL Championship Game and Awards

There was the 2017 World championship game with 60 million viewers across continents. The 2018 mid-season invitational had a viewership of 19.8 million people. These are organized by the Riot Games in North America and Europe among ten professional teams across each continent. LOL has won many awards like the Reader’s choice awards, PC best strategy game, Best Spectator game, Golden Joystick awards, 1st Game developers online choice awards, Gamers Choice awards, Annie Awards and many more.

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