Bashir Dawood: The Man with a Golden Heart

Bashir Dawood: The Man with a Golden Heart

How many people do you come across nowadays who live for the society?Bashir Dawood, is one of them. A blessing to the society. His countless contribution in the field of education, medical, self development and growth has enhanced and empowered the quality of life for the people living in Pakistan.

  • Aided and paved way for medical research in Pakistan
    Bashir Dawood has made extensive contributions for medical research which lead to Pakistan’s first Organ Transplant Centre. Agha Khan University Hospital, in Pakistan was provided with surgical facilities and further developed. Adding to this is the major technological development brought in and about in the hospital’s operating unit.
  • HelpedPakistan become second in number after North America to have First Class Neurosurgery equipments
    His generous efforts and contribution has made Agha Khan University Hospital to house the best Neurosurgicalequipments viz NeurobioticExoscope, Deep Brain Stimulator, Penetero Microscope.Dawood education
  • The Refractive Laser Suite is a boon for people with visual problems
    The state-of-the-art refractive laser suite has enabled successful eye surgical treatments with minimal invasion. LASIK (Laser based surgical treatment) has been doing wonders. It is helping and improving the condition of people with visual complication in Pakistan.
  • His programmeshelpes unveil the hidden talents of the youth and encourages them to develop it further
    He believes Formula 1 races bring out the power and knowledge, he therefore sponsors and organizesactivities for youth, who cannot access and afford it to watch it live.
  • He funded and paved way for Pakistan to get its first Business School.
    The Suleman Dawood School of Business, the first business school at Lahore University was a result if his visions. It now has professors and representatives coming in from across the world. All PhD. courses and management studies are provided and quality education is entertained.

His selfless handout for the development of youth and their future is remarkable. His charitable projects, foundations and funds are greatly helping the young people live a life they desire.

Truly, Respect and a timeless reputation has to be earned. And there is absolutely no choice for us, except to reverie him in awe.

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