What To Expect from In Vitro Fertilization

What To Expect from In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an ART or assisted reproductive technology. This is the process where the egg is extracted or collected from the woman, then retrieving a sperm sample from the man, and then both are manually combined in a laboratory dish for fertilization. The fertilized egg or the embryo will then be transferred to the uterus.

More couples are now considering the IVF options and costs. This is because of the convenience and very high success rates compared to other forms of ART. Read more and you will understand why even though this procedure is a bit pricey, couples who want to have children of their own are considering this effective option.

 What To Expect from IVF?

            When a couple decides to push through with In Vitro Fertilization, the first step would be the injection of hormones so the woman can produce multiple eggs each month, instead of just one. A test will be done to check if she is ready for the egg retrieval. But before the retrieval procedure will be done, injections will be given to make sure that the developing eggs will mature and should start the process of ovulation.

            Timing is very important with IVF. The eggs should be retrieved just before they show up from the follicles in the ovaries. Pain medication will be given as an option. The procedure will take less than half an hour to one hour. The eggs will then be mixed with the sperm in the laboratory. It will be kept in the clinic for observation. Once the embryos are ready, the doctor will then transfer the egg(s) into your uterus.

If you  this website online, you will notice how many people are interested to know about the IVF options and costs. This is mainly because this procedure has a very high success rate, that other couples are willing to spend time and money on this procedure. Conceiving may take a little effort, but all of it will be worth it.

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